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      Open a Dream Cones Dessert Shop–Wherever you are-We get You Going!


      Dream Cones is dedicated to helping people open their own fine dessert & light food business. We provide everything you need to get started.?We always say “training is our most important product.” Our 5-day training class can turn you into an expert gelato chef who can make a complete range of ice cream. We also train you to make other pastries and light food.

      Our Italian-style ice cream ingredients can’t be beat, producing a huge range of easily made products so intensely delicious they “hurt the mouth.”

      Our ice cream is so thick and creamy. It is hard to believe it is much lower in fat and sugar than commercial products. We also offer a “sugar free* line,” suitable for weight watchers, diabetics and health conscious people. *Of course there is some natural sugar in the fruit!

      Having experts with 16 years experience takes all the worry and risk out of a startup. Small errors you unwittingly make at startup can become enormously expensive mistakes later on. We help you avoid these!

      Most important of all, WE TREAT OUR FRANCHISEES LIKE FAMILY. Join the Dream Cones family. Put experts on your team!

      Our Mission & Products

      Our Mission

      Starting a new business is risky and expensive. Mistakes made early-on can be costly and hard to correct. We know! Sometimes I think we made them all! We want to help you avoid those mistakes.

      We provide EVERYTHING you need to open a Dream Cones dessert shop or Good Apple restaurant, all at great prices. Why search the world for the best stuff? We have it all!

      We offer more than equipment! We train you, provide photos, marketing, advertising and loads of advice.

      Franchising is easy and inexpensive. There are no hidden costs, commission or royalty. You keep every penny you earn. But, you do not have to franchise to buy our products.

      Start your own restaurant or dessert shop. Reduce the risk and stress of a new startup. Join the family! Put experts on your team!

      Dream Cones Training

      Training is our most important product. Anyone can just train you to make stuff. We also train you to be a success! Our trainees tell us that about 80% of the stuff we teach is stuff they never even thought about!

      Our 5-day training course starts the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. You learn how to make all of our products using our ingredients.

      Graduates receive a Dream Cones Chef Hat, diploma and graduation photos. READ MORE

      Our Equipment

      We sell quality. If you are looking for the cheapest, keep on looking. There is no free lunch. If equipment is cheaper, it is cheaper for a reason. We try to sell the least expensive that is reliable. Almost everything we sell is also used in our own factories and shops.

      Our ingredients are made fresh, to order. They are all-natural, made with the highest quality components plus lots of real fruit. Aromas and flavorings come direct from Italy.

      All equipment is fully warranted for at least one year or two years for European equipment. It rarely breaks. This quality speaks for itself!

      Batch Machines to fit your budget

      The top-quality ice cream batch machines can’t be beat for low price and reliability. What we sell is what we use in all of our factories, churning our great ice cream 6 days per week for 16 years! All produce maximum overrun, batch in just 10 minutes! Fully automatic. Anyone can learn!


      Our first machine, 1999 still running!

      DECEMBER 2018?NEWS FLASH! After 18 years of 6-day per week service this unit’s compressor needs replacement.


      Which Base is Right for You?

      Express base: a complete mix including NZ whole milk powder—add to just-boiled water, mix and chill. So easy to use! Your staff learns quickly! Express base yields a rich, creamy gelato, low in sugar and fat.

      Add-a-Cow base?less expensive than Express base–add your own milk, creme & sugar. Powdered milk or fresh. Economical where fresh milk is inexpensive.

      Healthy Choice:?high in?protein and vitamins C, low in calories and fat, ideal for the health-conscious, weight-watchers and diabetics, but tastes the same as regular and is made the same as Express base.?READ MORE


      New S.Thailand?Shop Hot Success?

      Gas-station mall shop is a winner!

      Our new Southern Thailand shop, located in a gas mall has been a hot success. The town where it is located is small but it is just far enough by car?to?the next city to warrant a stop?at the mall.

      The ice cream case is in the open air but air-conditioned seating is in the rear. A large rear room will be developed to make food. ?Ice cream and food products are delivered twice per week by mini van from our Bangkok Factory.


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